Hydrotherapy Pool

We have a hydrotherapy pool in school which provides a wide range of invaluable teaching opportunities.

The pool is accessed by most of the children across school, although priority is given to those children who are wheelchair users, children with mobility and postural difficulties and children who cannot swim and have anxiety about water.

The pool is managed by our swimming teacher Rebecca Woolley (Becks) who is a trained teacher and lifeguard.

The pool is a highly motivating provision which is used for:

  • The teaching and encouragement of normal movement
  • The development of balance and co-ordination
  • Increasing tolerance to water
  • Gaining water confidence and early swimming skills
  • Improving aerobic fitness levels
  • Supporting children who cannot weight bear to experience freedom of movement and buoyancy in the water.

We proudly follow the Swim England scheme in school, and we aim for all children who are physically able to be competent swimmers by the time they leave Highbury.

For more information about Swim England, please follow this link.

Swimming is also a key time for staff to teach children self-help and independence skills such as showering, drying, dressing and undressing.

We offer lessons to families after school as part of our ‘Swim and Shine’ programme. These are private lessons aimed at supporting children with SEND and their families and are managed by our swimming teacher. For more information please contact the swimming teacher Becks on rwoolley@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk