Volunteering & Placements


Highbury is a school at the very heart of the local and wider community and volunteers are an important element in our work. We feel that our pupils gain huge amounts of confidence working with new faces and we welcome volunteers into our school to come and work with our children. Many of our volunteers use this opportunity to explore a career, or career change, in special education. All volunteer opportunities are class based, supporting the class teacher and teaching assistants.

If volunteering is something that interests you, we would encourage you to complete the application form below and return this to admin@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk.

Please include:

  • Why you want to be a volunteer
  • The length of time you would like to volunteer for, including the number of hours per week and over what period of time

Student Placements

We also welcome work experience students from universities, colleges and sixth forms, who are considering a future in special education. We are committed to providing students with opportunities to gain further knowledge, understanding and development of children with complex needs. If you are interested in a work experience placement at Highbury school, please contact admin@highbury.calderdale.sch.uk with the following information:

  • Your setting
  • Your course
  • Your placement objectives
  • Dates of the requested placement
  • Tutor contact details

The recruitment of new volunteers and students can take up to half a term and the intake of new students and volunteers will be dependent on the candidate and available spaces within school.