Highbury is classified by the Local Authority as a generic special school which caters for children with a wide range of learning needs and/or disabilities from age 4-11 whose needs cannot be fully met within a mainstream setting. We believe that every school is special in some way and that what stands Highbury apart is the specialist nature of the provision we offer.

Admissions to the school are arranged via the Local Authority SEN team and the officers for the school are Cath Kessie (age 3-7) and Ruth Gosden (age 7-11). They can be contacted on 01422 394129.

Most children join us in the early years from either Nursery or Reception. However, there are also several children who join us at other times in their school life, usually when access to the curriculum in mainstream school becomes difficult.

Our classes are organised according to needs and ability. This is to enable us to stretch and challenge the children and personalise their learning pathway. Whilst we adhere to the National Curriculum, we also have the flexibility in our approach to teach children the skills and knowledge which is relevant to them.

Essentially, we are like any other primary school. The children all wear a uniform, the school day is organised in the same way and children are set targets for progress and are assessed against these targets regularly throughout the year. We differ in being able to offer small class sizes with a high adult to child ratio, staff who are highly trained and experienced and access to a range of resources to support teaching and learning which include a sensory room and swimming pool.