Soft Play & Rebound Therapy

This is an important space in school for a multitude of reasons. The room contains a rebound bed (trampoline) and can also be converted into a soft play area.

When the rebound bed is in use, children follow our ‘Bouncy bodies’ curriculum. The bouncy bodies curriculum is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance, and to improve communication skills.

It is an ideal vehicle for cross curricular teaching activity; with the potential for teaching such things as:

  • numeracy
  • colour recognition
  • positioning (left, right, backwards, forwards, clockwise and anticlockwise)
  • communication
  • social awareness
  • consideration of others

The unique properties of the trampoline offer ample opportunities for all children to enhance movement patterns. The work is intrinsically motivating and enjoyable and many of the children achieve high levels of engagement in these sessions.

When the room is being used for soft play, the trampoline is covered with padded mats. This means the room is a very safe space where children can investigate, explore and problem solve independently. Many of the children in school will use this space to develop motor skills such as balance and co-ordination and they will also benefit from the challenge of changing heights and surfaces.